Our work is devoted to promoting psychotherapeutical and educational projects which stimulate learning leading to create positive changes in the lives of people in the community of Anapra and Ciudad Juárez northwest area.

Since 2011 we are authorized donees.



Las Hormigas face several serious social problems that affect the community from its roots: violence against women and children, poverty, deterioration of physical and mental health due to work in the maquiladoras (factory), cultural deprivation, illiteracy.

They work with children with strong locks on their learning abilities, with women who work in the maquilas that face domestic violence, poverty, and men who are willing to modify their learning of abuse and domination.

The work Las Hormigas is doing can help to transform the disharmonious, violent, social reality through psychoeducational and emotional processes in a community, personal, and family manner.




We believe in the transformation of people who live in poverty, whenever they are accompanied in their growth and self-awareness processes, with the purpose of achieving the change of this reality into a more dignified, healthy, harmonious, and solidary one. Transforming their lives for the better, they will be able to transform their entire community’s  reality and their own families.



Las Hormigas is inserted into the heart of the community of Anapra; they work together with parents to bring up girls and boys; Education Program develop it into a Montessori environment in coordination with the therapeutic area;they provide tools for adults to support children in the educational and therapeutic area;they are in touch with reality and context of children: school and home;therapeutically we rely on the Gestalt therapy and other humanistic therapies. We start from the concrete experience of people in the here and now, in his unfinished experiences, their self-harm, sufferings lived with unconsciousness, and the void of not taking responsibility of their own life.




Self-responsibility, Respect, Commitment, Equity, Co-responsibility, Excellence.




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